Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dizzying Day

I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself, well for the most part. I started out with a goal set in mind and I did complete what I really, really needed to get done...though I could of stood to do a bit more.

I woke up this morning in RL and did a five mile run, which was needed because my body was getting to used to do doing the three mile runs and I needed to push myself a bit harder. I got home and took a shower, at my bit of breakfast and set myself up on the computer (normal habit).

Logged into SL and started my work and promised myself that I would keep my IMs at a low and I did very well, thank you. I finished both dresses for girls and was able to complete all the hats and am now ready to get those up on the panel boards. Here's a lil peek at one of the dresses I did.

My biggest critic would have to be my good friend Jill...so Jill I'm going to send over the two dresses I've created for girls and you just tell me EXACTLY what you think. I heart criticism. :P I was happy for the completion but I realized I need to get a lot more out for this lil kid's store that me and my husband are doing and stop pootin' around so much. I have a lot of ideas in my head I just need to get it displayed. As I was working on the hats though, I had created this mass amount of work for myself by a few mistakes that I had made with them and was just about to send my self to the corner and cry when I decided I needed a break. So Cree and I finished up a hunt that we had started, which was super nice. However, afterwards as I was trying to get back into the rhythm of work the mass amount of IMs started to pour in and I found myself enthralled in it. I couldn't help myself. Argh. I was happy though, because I got to talk to my Joshy and those moments are few and far between. I miss my punkin.

The best part of the day for me, however, was when I got to see my babygirl, Keirsten. She is truly my joy. She had been on vacation with one of her best friends all last week and she hadn't one chance hardly to log into SL and spend time with us. To say the least, I was happy that things will get back to some sort of normalcy...it means my Keir will be around more often. We were able to sit and snuggle together and just talk. It opened some doors that needed unlocking and we shared a bowl of neapolitan ice cream together. I found out today though that vanilla is her least favorite, which is mine too. We have so much in common so it wasn't surprising. I passed her the hats I had made today and she played with them on her head and I have to say they came out very nicely. I'm satisfied. At that moment we decided to have our hand at some greedy. I heart greedy. (I will beat my Joshy someday!!) And as luck would have it my husband popped in at that same moment and we were able to all sit and enjoy watching our daughter beat the living tarnations out of us in this game. >.< They are getting better than me. Must...practice...more!!

It was time for bed... I sent Keir to change into pjs and brush all her teeth. She asked if she had to brush the third one from the left. Adorable! We tucked her in and said our goodnights. It's been a pleasant day for me but surely it was dizzying. I would change it for anything.

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  1. lol baby.. why are there random words highlighted?

    Baby! I'm so proud of you! =) you are getting stuff out! Keep it up, my heart.