Monday, August 8, 2011

One Year Later

I just looked back and read some of my posts from last year. It's hard for me to believe that the last time I posted something was exactly a year ago. The things that I have been through this past year is indescribable and it would take me hours to recap and honestly, there are some things better left unsaid.

In RL, I started a working again which is nice and I'm back at home w/my parents for the time being. Just as much as SL, I've also been through a lot in RL. Things are much better these days... I'm smiling more, I wake up happy, and I feel a bit more settled than I have.

Just as I posted a year ago about being excited at working OSE, I am just as excited for the new year that's approaching with the school. I can't wait to start my class and continue forward with the projects, journals, homework, etc. I think this year I'm going to toss up things a bit differently just to give it some spunk. I alsoooo, have something else that I'm working on but it's still a secret and there's a lot more planning to do before I can reveal it. I'm super excited about it, too and can not wait to get things going for it.

There's been a lot of changes in the past months,  some for the better and some not so much. As I have always said, as many always say... things do happen for a reason. I'm taking one day at a time and thanking God for what I do have in my life. Just in the past two days Kenzie came back to me as my godbaby which is a gift, it's a blessing and last night I was given another special gift and was asked to be Mae's godmother. The smile on my face just got bigger, to my ears really and they are my joy. The past few weeks I've been working on mending relationships and proving myself worthy to my friends and family. I just can't tell any of you how much I've learned in the past month about how important it is to keep those who you love in your life and not to push them away no matter what you are going through. I really had no idea what I had until it was completely gone and I will be sure to never let that happen again. On to bigger and better things, right?

I hope to write in my blog more than I have in the past year and I hope that you check back often.

Ciao Mein Noodles.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

School Year is Starting Soon!!

I am so excited about Oceanside Elementary starting up. It brings me back to when I was working at a private school here in Florida. I remember actually being happy about waking up for work. I loved my job. I am getting those same feelings I would normally always get when the new school year would start. New everything, new paper, new pens, pencils, supplies, books, etc.! The fresh smell of newly decorated classrooms and hallways was always looked forward to.

I have a lot of different things planned this school year and one thing that I am really counting on is being able to finish the school year at Oceanside. I know it's a strange request, but we all now how much RL tends to creep up and it's especially going to get crazy for me towards the end of the year when Cree comes to see me in Florida and then I go back to California with him for at least a month. I just don't want to let anyone down and really work hard for my best friends and for the students. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it and we'll take one day at a time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gattz and Jilly

I know that we all have friends that have a special meaning to us in our hearts. As they always say friends do come and then friends go. The ones that stays though are so treasured I’m sure for so many of you. I’d like to talk about to friends of mine that are incredible in every aspect of their lives. They are like a diamond and not so much in the ruff but more like in an egg carton. The facets that shine brilliantly reflect them with truth and an array of different colors.

Jill and Gattz Gilman are two people who have such dedication, vibrance, love, and worth. So not only do they spend a week or so working on turning two entire Sims from a residential area to a Summer Camp, but then they spend the following week doing events, maintaining the camp, taking care of counselors, fixing problems, listening to kids whine, some share everything they are doing in IMs, ideas that don’t make sense, complaints, and anything thing else that arises. What’s even more amazing is that all the while they are also working on other projects, some big and some small… such as note cards, thinking about the school, the camp video, taking care of the family, everything for Relay for Life and the Purple Tears Team, etc.

Can you imagine?

Now every person that walks this earth is not perfect by any means, we are only human and we make our mistakes and we are even prone to let people down, however they come pretty darn close. The love they have for each other defines laughter and comfort and so much more. They work hard to provide stability, love, and a home for their family. The fun they provide for every person in their life is unexplainable. They can be goofy, weird, and strange all in one sentence and then turn around and hug you with loving, open arms.

Their smiles are warmth and their words are comfort. They are the epitome of what a friend should be.

So if you ever get the chance to meet them or see them… embrace them. If you are one of the blessed ones, like me, and already call them a friend… keep them.

Jill and Gattz you two are me and Cree’s best friends and we love you with all of our hearts and are looking forward to what is in store for our friendship and the future. We appreciate you; respect you, and thank you for all your hard work, long hours of no sleep, and your dedication for all the children in SL but most importantly for your family and for yourselves.


Nevy and Cree

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HK Summer Camp '10

What a wonderful week it's been at camp. So much time with friends and family, meeting new people, making memories. It's really been a beautiful experience. *takes a deep breath* But boy oh boy... I have been so busy, which makes it a little rough. I've been able to spend some time with my husband and kids which is always a great time, not to mention that it brings us closer as a family.

My husband has done a crazy amount of events for the kids, not nearly as much as I did. He put forth a lot of effort, thought, and his own time into what he wanted to provide for the kids. I am so blessed to have him as my anchor. Crazily enough I've already started thinking about some things that we want to do for the Fall Camp... whenever that is. I believe you can never be too early in planning. I want to make sure that Cree and I are on top of it this year and more well organized.

There's so much that we did through out camp to talk about it all in this post so I'll just post a few pictures for you to get a glimpse. However, the camp video will really show all sides of what the week has been like. Now it's time to set up and get ready for the RFL marathon this weekend. I'm looking forward to it... it's my first. I hope to see you all there!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Vacation w/The Gilman's and Independence Day.

I'm so behind on blogging what's been going on this weekend. It's been so much that I can't keep up. Started off the weekend with heading on a small getaway with the Gilman's and the Baily's. We had a great time, our suite was beautiful and the price was acceptable. The day started out with a little BBQ gathering by the pool. Jilly and I got the kids lotioned up and with their floaties on they set out for the pool. Us adults soaked up a bit of the sun while Gattz had his fun in the pool with the kids.

We all then headed over to the ocean water to do some parasailing, which was amazing. I think most of the kids took turns doing it...Jilly was driver of the boat (that's my girl!) and they all took turns being co-captain. I even was able to take a little ride on it but shhh, don't tell the doctor. I'm sure she wouldn't be happy knowing I took a ride parasailing while pregnant. >.< I couldn't resist... the PEER PRESSURE!
This is a picture of our Keirsten taking a stab at it. She was so not timid about it all, she had a blast!

All I have to say is it takes a secure man to walk around in a ducky innertube and matching floaties. Though I have no doubt my husband would of been right along with you on that if he had been there for it. Oh Gattz.

That night the adults headed to one of the clubs nearby and enjoyed some mature conversations *clears my throat* and had some great laughs. We worked the sploder and I was definitely lucky that night. No worries, I gave some love to my girls. *winks at Kendra and Jilly* Us girls gotta stick together. It was getting super late and we needed to head home to check on the kids. We found them dancing away and listening to music in one of the suites. It was adorable. Later our Keirsten was able to join us and we three had a little pj party. It was fun. We dressed in our dino pj's, jumped on the bed, tried out all the poses (PG of course) that was provided for the hugeee bed and then settled down to a game of Mad Gab and a platter full of fruit. It was excellent.

Of course our Joshy was missing, but he was able to join us the next day for Fourth of July celebrations. Most of our family and friends are active during the night so our fourth started riiiiight on time. XD Cree, Joshy, and I caught up with Jilly, Kenzie, Jordan, and Kyia at an Independence Day float contest. I have to say some of the floats were quite interesting. >.> Jordan and Kyia placed third, though we still can't figure that one out, and Kenz and Jilly won first place. So that was a great time. Then all our families came together and headed to a friends sim to watch a firework show. Unfortunately, my husband was lagging too much to stay buuut he worked on a surprise for Joshy and I at home. Once he was through he tped us and we found ourselves standing on the roof of the house on a magic carpet. :D
He really presented us with quite the show.

Our carpet took lift off and we were shown a beautiful firework show. It was amazing. We all three sat and enjoyed the lights and some small conversation. We only wished for our Keirsten to be with us. <3
Afterwards, we took off for the Gilman's once again. They were holding their own Independence Day float contest. We were given a folder of some objects that had to be used and then some we could be creative with. Cree and I got work while Joshy layed about on the grass, daydreaming. He was so worn out. There really were some awesome floats and some how we won second place. Thank you judges!! <3

By the end of the night Gattz had set up a wonderful fireworks display for all the families that were there. We gathered around the hugest cake I have ever seen. It was a wonderful night and an amazing weekend. Thank you Gilman's for including us in with your holiday!

So for you all... Happy Independence Day! We are a blessed nation.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Spending time with my family.

I love being with my family. They each hold a different place in my heart and pull on so many melodic chords when I'm with them. My day has been eventful and full of fun.

Yesterday was almost a blur and the one thing I remember about it was my kids making cupcakes. They of course made a huuuge mess. Joshy did the icing and Keirbear made the batter. She decided it would be great fun to make daddy and Joshy special cupcakes, sooo she added a kiss and confetti. We can't forget the confetti.

Keirsten is a genius at making baked goods. Well she is my lil baker and everything else there is that this world has to offer. She truly wants to be everything when she grows up. I love that about her.
Today marked a pretty special event. Our lil boy, Joshy, spent the day shopping for 50L Friday items for kids with Lola and he also set up his room. Cree and I were so happy and I know he was as well.
Our family also headed to Lainey Gilman's birthday party today. It was dino themed and some how Cree and I ended up dressed as Barney and Betty Rubble. It was exciting. It's a shame I accidentally fell asleep.>.>

Afterwards, Joshy and I headed home and spent some relaxing time doing nothing at all. Well I worked on some pictures and he played up in his room. 


I don't know what I'd do without my Keirsten and Joshy. <3 Tomorrow morning we are headed to a weekend vacation with the Gilman's. I'm looking forward to it!

World's #1 Twilight Fan sides with Husband!!!

In the beginning when Twilight first showed in theaters..I hated it! I watched it a second time and loooved it. I saw the second one and was just as pleased so I then decided to go ahead and read the first book in the twilight series. The books are good, not my best read but I have nothing to complain about. I was soooooo looking forward to the third movie, Eclipse. I couldn't wait and talk about excited...containing my craziness for it was not going to happen.

The day arrived. My mom decided it would be a nice outing for us and she'd been wanting to see it of course. So we headed to the store got some snacky snacks (lord knows the prices at the theaters are ridiculous, shhh don't tell anyone) and then drove off to the matinee showing at Epic.
We paid for our tickets, headed to the number 7 theater and grabbed a seat somewhere at the top, middle.
It was already dark and the previews had started, no biggie. I made myself comfy and began to lose myself in the screen. 


The movie started and it was a load of crock! Argh!! I've waited so long to see this movie!
There was no sustenance, there was no meat to the movie, no action...except maybe a 5min escapade between the wolves and vamps. I am so disappointed!!!!! So much in fact that I have written off Twilight from my list of fav books and movies, heck I'm writing it off any and all lists I have and making a new list. It's called The Black List.
Twilight is number one. 
Every 2mins it was nothing but corny love scenes, if that's what you want to even call them. I felt like I was 14 years old again watching this movie. 
The only highlight of the whole evening was blurting out "Oh Damn!" in the middle of complete silence, it was right after Edward killed the red-headed bimbo vamp. Oops...sorry did I just reveal a part of the movie. My bad! I got a few laughs from blurting it out. It was worth it.

So for all those who love Twilight, I'm sure you'll love this movie too. I hated it.