Friday, July 2, 2010

World's #1 Twilight Fan sides with Husband!!!

In the beginning when Twilight first showed in theaters..I hated it! I watched it a second time and loooved it. I saw the second one and was just as pleased so I then decided to go ahead and read the first book in the twilight series. The books are good, not my best read but I have nothing to complain about. I was soooooo looking forward to the third movie, Eclipse. I couldn't wait and talk about excited...containing my craziness for it was not going to happen.

The day arrived. My mom decided it would be a nice outing for us and she'd been wanting to see it of course. So we headed to the store got some snacky snacks (lord knows the prices at the theaters are ridiculous, shhh don't tell anyone) and then drove off to the matinee showing at Epic.
We paid for our tickets, headed to the number 7 theater and grabbed a seat somewhere at the top, middle.
It was already dark and the previews had started, no biggie. I made myself comfy and began to lose myself in the screen. 


The movie started and it was a load of crock! Argh!! I've waited so long to see this movie!
There was no sustenance, there was no meat to the movie, no action...except maybe a 5min escapade between the wolves and vamps. I am so disappointed!!!!! So much in fact that I have written off Twilight from my list of fav books and movies, heck I'm writing it off any and all lists I have and making a new list. It's called The Black List.
Twilight is number one. 
Every 2mins it was nothing but corny love scenes, if that's what you want to even call them. I felt like I was 14 years old again watching this movie. 
The only highlight of the whole evening was blurting out "Oh Damn!" in the middle of complete silence, it was right after Edward killed the red-headed bimbo vamp. Oops...sorry did I just reveal a part of the movie. My bad! I got a few laughs from blurting it out. It was worth it.

So for all those who love Twilight, I'm sure you'll love this movie too. I hated it.

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  1. THAT IS MY MOST FAVORITE PICTURE EVER! lolololol I love it <3 A huge... rejected! symbol.