Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Vacation w/The Gilman's and Independence Day.

I'm so behind on blogging what's been going on this weekend. It's been so much that I can't keep up. Started off the weekend with heading on a small getaway with the Gilman's and the Baily's. We had a great time, our suite was beautiful and the price was acceptable. The day started out with a little BBQ gathering by the pool. Jilly and I got the kids lotioned up and with their floaties on they set out for the pool. Us adults soaked up a bit of the sun while Gattz had his fun in the pool with the kids.

We all then headed over to the ocean water to do some parasailing, which was amazing. I think most of the kids took turns doing it...Jilly was driver of the boat (that's my girl!) and they all took turns being co-captain. I even was able to take a little ride on it but shhh, don't tell the doctor. I'm sure she wouldn't be happy knowing I took a ride parasailing while pregnant. >.< I couldn't resist... the PEER PRESSURE!
This is a picture of our Keirsten taking a stab at it. She was so not timid about it all, she had a blast!

All I have to say is it takes a secure man to walk around in a ducky innertube and matching floaties. Though I have no doubt my husband would of been right along with you on that if he had been there for it. Oh Gattz.

That night the adults headed to one of the clubs nearby and enjoyed some mature conversations *clears my throat* and had some great laughs. We worked the sploder and I was definitely lucky that night. No worries, I gave some love to my girls. *winks at Kendra and Jilly* Us girls gotta stick together. It was getting super late and we needed to head home to check on the kids. We found them dancing away and listening to music in one of the suites. It was adorable. Later our Keirsten was able to join us and we three had a little pj party. It was fun. We dressed in our dino pj's, jumped on the bed, tried out all the poses (PG of course) that was provided for the hugeee bed and then settled down to a game of Mad Gab and a platter full of fruit. It was excellent.

Of course our Joshy was missing, but he was able to join us the next day for Fourth of July celebrations. Most of our family and friends are active during the night so our fourth started riiiiight on time. XD Cree, Joshy, and I caught up with Jilly, Kenzie, Jordan, and Kyia at an Independence Day float contest. I have to say some of the floats were quite interesting. >.> Jordan and Kyia placed third, though we still can't figure that one out, and Kenz and Jilly won first place. So that was a great time. Then all our families came together and headed to a friends sim to watch a firework show. Unfortunately, my husband was lagging too much to stay buuut he worked on a surprise for Joshy and I at home. Once he was through he tped us and we found ourselves standing on the roof of the house on a magic carpet. :D
He really presented us with quite the show.

Our carpet took lift off and we were shown a beautiful firework show. It was amazing. We all three sat and enjoyed the lights and some small conversation. We only wished for our Keirsten to be with us. <3
Afterwards, we took off for the Gilman's once again. They were holding their own Independence Day float contest. We were given a folder of some objects that had to be used and then some we could be creative with. Cree and I got work while Joshy layed about on the grass, daydreaming. He was so worn out. There really were some awesome floats and some how we won second place. Thank you judges!! <3

By the end of the night Gattz had set up a wonderful fireworks display for all the families that were there. We gathered around the hugest cake I have ever seen. It was a wonderful night and an amazing weekend. Thank you Gilman's for including us in with your holiday!

So for you all... Happy Independence Day! We are a blessed nation.

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  1. I LOVE HANGING WITH THE GILMANS! They always include lots of family and friends .. with lots of fun! Yesterday was a blasty blast.. I can't wait to have our angel on the carpet to see the fireworks!