Monday, July 19, 2010

Gattz and Jilly

I know that we all have friends that have a special meaning to us in our hearts. As they always say friends do come and then friends go. The ones that stays though are so treasured I’m sure for so many of you. I’d like to talk about to friends of mine that are incredible in every aspect of their lives. They are like a diamond and not so much in the ruff but more like in an egg carton. The facets that shine brilliantly reflect them with truth and an array of different colors.

Jill and Gattz Gilman are two people who have such dedication, vibrance, love, and worth. So not only do they spend a week or so working on turning two entire Sims from a residential area to a Summer Camp, but then they spend the following week doing events, maintaining the camp, taking care of counselors, fixing problems, listening to kids whine, some share everything they are doing in IMs, ideas that don’t make sense, complaints, and anything thing else that arises. What’s even more amazing is that all the while they are also working on other projects, some big and some small… such as note cards, thinking about the school, the camp video, taking care of the family, everything for Relay for Life and the Purple Tears Team, etc.

Can you imagine?

Now every person that walks this earth is not perfect by any means, we are only human and we make our mistakes and we are even prone to let people down, however they come pretty darn close. The love they have for each other defines laughter and comfort and so much more. They work hard to provide stability, love, and a home for their family. The fun they provide for every person in their life is unexplainable. They can be goofy, weird, and strange all in one sentence and then turn around and hug you with loving, open arms.

Their smiles are warmth and their words are comfort. They are the epitome of what a friend should be.

So if you ever get the chance to meet them or see them… embrace them. If you are one of the blessed ones, like me, and already call them a friend… keep them.

Jill and Gattz you two are me and Cree’s best friends and we love you with all of our hearts and are looking forward to what is in store for our friendship and the future. We appreciate you; respect you, and thank you for all your hard work, long hours of no sleep, and your dedication for all the children in SL but most importantly for your family and for yourselves.


Nevy and Cree

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