Saturday, June 12, 2010

All About the Cookies.

My babyboy, Kaden, loves cookies so much that I've decided to make Tuesday, June 15th... Cookie Day in class. There are few more students of mine that love cookies and I figured this was just a great way to keep them motivated and to leave the impression in their lil minds that I'm not a slave driver as they seem to think I am. Mwahaha.

My husband is going to create some tees for me for the kids in class. Two different colors will be presented, yellow and blue I believe is what we settled on. I was going to do pink for girls and blue for boys but how lame is that... it falls right into the pattern that society has bestowed upon us since we were little. *puts on my best high pitched voice* is for girls, blue is for boys.

There are a couple of girls in class that don't care too much for pink anyway. I'm pretty sure that yellow and blue will be sufficient enough for everyone.

Cheers to Cookies and all it's yumminess.

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