Monday, June 14, 2010

Trains and Strangers.

I took my lil man (Joshy Riverstone) to the train station today. We bought a ticket for about 10Ls and it expires after 24hrs. He and I hopped on the blue and yellow train first being that it was the one that was boarding at the time. At first I found myself outside of it as I was trying to sit but I realized my AO had it's share in the fun. Joshy just laughed.

As we were riding through he and I saw a lot of the scenery. It included trees, fields, lots of electric poles and such. He was amazed and having fun and I was just enjoying the time with him. He loves trains and this picture was taken at one of the best train stations I've seen yet in SL. Like my lil man said, "It's as if we landed on a person's hobby trains set..." Or something along those lines. *chuckles* We took a second ride on the train again. This time he rode in the caboose and I chose to somehow drive the train. Joshy said, "I should drive it like I stole it and he'll ride it like my accomplice."

After making our last stop at the train station he and I took a break on on the benches just to the side of the boarding entry to the trains. We sat there and just relaxed and before we knew it someone had approached us wanting to sit next to Joshy. He of course became wide-eyed and bushy tailed, clinging to me for dear life. I think she may of scared him just a could of been the fact that she was bald, had huuuge feet, or just that her stomach was really big. Joshy is convinced she was having twin babies.

The time we spent together ended shortly but it was a great day.

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